Enforcer Pro Series Pigeon Shell Decoys x12

Enforcer Pro Series Pigeon Shell Decoys x12



12, Enforcer Pigeon Shells
12, Enforcer Adjustable Spring Sticks


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The Enforcer Pro Series Pigeon Shell Decoys are the latest wood pigeon decoys from Enforcer, the shell decoys come with the same MATTBLOCK paint system that is used on all the enforcer pigeon decoys this give the shell decoys a non shine finish in bright sunshine and any wet weather. The Enforcer Pigeon Shell Decoys come with spring sticks that give the decoys movement in the slightest of breezes to the strongest of winds, the enforcer spring sticks have been specially designed for the enforcer decoys they have a screw on fitting on the under side of the decoy to give them a secure fitting. The movement of the decoys can be adjusted very easily by pushing the black ground rods up into a black rubber grommet this will then stiffen the springs up.